Your Divorce is Awful – Does it Have To Be This Way?

Many find that their divorce is costing much more than they had planned, is taking much longer than they had expected and is not achieving the results they wanted.

There are ways to streamline the process and reduce frustration and undue stress.

Those going through divorce often feel a loss of control, especially when relying on a third party to make a decision. In this case, you should consider an alternative process such as mediation or collaborative divorce where you are given the tools to make these decisions on your own.

It is often challenging to understand the long-term financial consequences of dissolving a marriage. In this scenario you should educate yourself about the financial issues related to divorce and work with a divorce financial analyst financial who is trained to help you consider financial options and clarify the potential long-term financial consequences of your decisions.

Too often, one or both partners feel so victimized by the divorce, the goal becomes punishing the spouse, instead of resolving the issues relating to the divorce itself. By working with a divorce coach, you focus on your needs, concerns and objectives.

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