Are You Sabotaging Your Own Divorce?

When you think of divorce do you picture an adversarial couple playing tug-of-war with their lives, children and finances?

It doesn’t have to be that way – and here 5 tips that could help:

1.       Understand what you options are before you start the process – Don’t begin the divorce process until you understand the options available to you, such as: mediation, litigation, and collaborative divorce.  Gather and read as much information as you can about divorce in California. You can also participate in programs offered through the family law division at your local courthouse.

2.       Take Control – Don’t hand over all of the decision-making to a third party, such as a judge.   Take the time to understand the pros and cons of alternative options. Seek guidance from experts, such as divorce financial specialists and family law attorneys.

3.       Take time to gather all of your financial information – Having accurate and complete financial data will allow you to identify options that may best meet your long-term needs.

4.       Understand all of the alternatives available to you for dividing your property, including potential tax consequences –   Don’t rush to end the marriage without taking the time to identify all of your options. Decisions you make during your divorce can affect your well-being for the rest of your life.  Think through all of your options and make decisions that are based on your needs and objectives.

5.       Avoid Seeking Revenge – If you see yourself as a victim and your focus is on punishing your spouse, you should consider working with a divorce coach. They are trained to help you shift your focus to your needs, rather than revenge.

If you would like additional help making sure that you do not sabotage your divorce, download our free workbook called, “How to Take Control of Your Finances – Before, During, and After Your Divorce.”

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