More than ever, it’s essential to follow an efficient and cost effective divorce resolution process.

That’s why we are here for you.

About Us

We are divorce financial specialists, working exclusively with couples and individuals to provide divorce financial planning and analysis services, pre-marital financial planning and analysis services that help couples achieve fair and equitable outcomes.

We provide education and an objective financial viewpoint to thoroughly address your financial issues and concerns, setting a positive tone for productive discussions. Because we work with our clients to sort through the unknowns in order to help you choose the best options, our clients find that their stress, frustration and anxiety diminish, leaving them confident and prepared to make prudent financial decisions for their future.

We do not offer any investment, insurance or any other products or services – we are compensated solely on an hourly or flat fee rate, based on the time incurred for our services.

While navigating through tough emotional challenges, you must also make financial decisions that will affect the rest of your life, as well as your family’s life.

Having all the right information BEFORE making decisions can keep you from having to revisit tax and financial issues in the future.

When you are going through divorce you need thorough and objective financial advice presented in language YOU can understand. You need the expertise of an experienced divorce financial specialist on your team.

Most of all, you need peace of mind. That’s why we are here for you.


Divorce Financial Planning & Analysis

Your divorce settlement will determine your financial well-being for many years to come. It is critical that the financial decisions be soundly structured.

Cooperative Divorce

We have advanced training and experience in Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. We serve both you and your partner as a neutral third-party to help resolve property division, support and other financial related issues. Working with one divorce specialist rather than two or more professionals saves you time and money.  Learn More

Pre- Marital Financial Planning

This is the time that you will have to make some important financial decisions that will affect you for many years in the future. We are trained and have the experience to help you identify important financial issues that can help you avoid costly mistakes in the future. Learn more

Collaborative Trust and Estate Services

We help you avoid expensive and damaging family fights and prepare the next-generation to handle wealth successfully. The great news is that now, for the first time, there is a structure that can support families in achieving these goals and more.

Divorce Financial Mediation

You and your spouse will meet with an experienced divorce financial mediator who will serve as a neutral third party to help you resolve property division, support and other financial related issues. The goal is to come to an agreement that can be incorporated into your final settlement agreement.

We facilitate an open and free exchange of information, focused on problem solving. This reduces conflict, frees up both parties to negotiate with each other in confidence, and models future cooperative behavior.

Flat Fee Program

For those cases where the parties are able to communicate efficiently and there are not highly complex financial issues, a flat-fee approach may provide you with what is needed.

We offer a basic service that includes analysis of your financial data, preparation of financial reports, recommendations and one telephone consultation for a flat fee of $995.

We have the experience and expertise to guide decision-making and problem-solving on a wide range of financial issues related to divorce, including:

  • Identity financial goals, objectives, needs and concerns
  • Tax issues
  • Property division options
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Retirement and pension plans
  • Debt pay-off
  • Property and business interests
  • Oversight of insurance and estate planning modifications
  • Cash flow and budget analysis
  • Review of settlement agreements
  • Marital standard of living analysis
  • Financial review of settlement agreements
  • Oversight of property transfers
  • Education on divorce financial issues
  • Insurance coverage
  • Employee benefits
  • Children’s education/special needs
  • Keep or sell the house
  • Analysis of income available for support
  • Needs-based support analysis
  • Separate versus marital property
  • Spousal and child support
  • Credits and reimbursements

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